A residential intensive for advanced individual work within a group setting


If you love movement as a practice, but want it to matter more, want to tackle specific issues, then this may be for you.

The DeepFocus process is designed to radically open up your ability to work creatively and effectively with your personal material, going beyond self-development into teamwork that serves the times we’re living in.

We will gather a group of dancers who have both the will and the experience to focus their movement work in a more specific way than is usually possible in a workshop setting. Being residential, we can work long hours whilst still having time to rest and integrate: although there will be times for moving together, the Deep Focus process happens with each of you moving individually, with the support of Adam and the group, taking your practice to a whole new level.

This is advanced work: if you already have some experience with a movement practice, including the ability to embody and express your feelings through movement, if you’re now seeking to create a more personal and particular relationship between your own unique path and practice, then you are welcome to jump in.

“It was a marvelous deep dive into one’s essence! I am still struck by the effects and power of Deep Focus. It was so profound and powerful to be seen and accepted for who you are. I am definitely repeating it next year!” – Y.

“The deepest experience of my life” — Rita, Academic Director at Girl MOVE Academy


Oct 07 - 12 2024

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Farkaskutvolgy, Hungary


Kata Mathe
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