Movement, plant medicine and inquiry 

Re-creation is an opportunity to heal the disconnect between you and your greatest potential. Over the course of 7 days you will have the chance to reveal and restore your true sense of self, one layer at a time, freeing yourself from the past wounds that are preventing you from having a more spacious experience of life.

The retreat combines movement work, family constellations with horses, and Compassionate Inquiry together with medicinal plant ceremonies. 

Sessions allow you to decode the sensations in your body and make sense of your feelings, opening up physical, emotional and visionary pathways that were previously blocked. As each block is removed, it puts you one step closer to living in flow, offering new ways to engage the world.

You will have the opportunity to take part in transformational plant medicine ceremonies (San Pedro and psylocibin) supported by movement, family constellations and deep inquiry, all the while immersed in the incredible wild landscape of Refugio Los Volcanes, feast on wonderful fresh healthy food (much of it grown on site), and time to simply rest and enjoy being alive.

Co-led by Adam with Stacy Berman, Ines Zabalaga and Warren McCaig.

For more information see: Re-Creation


Nov 06 - 12 2023


Bolivia, Refugio Los Volcanes