Right Here, Right Now

To be a dancing warrior, embodied; no matter whether pleasurable or painful, whether I’m alone or in company, whether I understand what’s happening or not, I will say yes to this experience and be as creative as I can with what I have, I will seek the growth and learning and healing here, I will let this moment dance me even deeper awake and alive, in love, in truth, with every breath I have.

This is not for the faint-hearted, but then none of us are faint-hearted. Not really. We all have a longing for life and for freedom so profound that deep down we will tackle anything to reach for it. Maybe sometimes we lose hope, but we can help each other out, encourage, cheer on, take hands; we don’t have to do this alone.

We move through ZeroOne practices to free the body, listening to this endless source of wisdom and learning, to expand, empower, and enlighten our potential for presence, so that whatever comes our way becomes our meditation. This is it: right here, right now.


Jun 16 - 18 2023


All Day