Shadow… what have you pushed out of sight, into the

basement, under the carpet? Is it your rage, fear, or grief? Is it

your wild spontaneous creativity, the unruly power of your

sexuality, or perhaps your tenderness?

Keeping parts of ourselves hidden takes a lot of energy, like

holding down a spring, repressing our life-force.

Movement and dance are powerful ways to reclaim shadow

parts of ourselves, to become more deeply and consciously who

we truly are, liberating what we have repressed and learning

how to use these apsects of our life-force for the good of



You will need some previous experience of a dance/movement practice as a foundation.

Please ask for more information if you need help with that foundational work.


Nov 27 2024 - Dec 01 2024

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Broumov, Czech Republic
Czech Republic


Jakub Moulis
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