“I rarely encounter people who I feel can truly hold space for me, with whom my nervous system feels enough trust to truly relax. When I found myself in tears within a few moments of our first session, I knew I was in solid hands.
Our work helped shift my embodiment practice (which I had considered advanced) into a new paradigm.
Adam holds a level of presence that makes space for real change.”
— Tasha Blank, International DJ, founder of The Get Down and Powerhouse Leadership


Giving you a space to navigate through difficult passages in your life, challenges you are facing, or goals you are aiming for. The focus here is on helping you see how to use movement and enquiry to investigate and explore current experiences that are coming up in your life and/or on the dance floor. 

We’ll use a synthesis of enquiry and embodied exploration. You may spend some time in movement, or you might focus entirely on feeling, seeing and understanding, coming away with things to take into practice in the coming days. 

Some sessions may be very practical, working on technical aspects of your practice. At other times a session may become a profoundly healing gateway, within which you go through a lot emotionally. 

As I understand it, no-one gets through life, especially childhood, without being wounded in ways that leave trauma imprints, with a combination of shut-down, dissociation or hyper-stimulated patterns in the nervous system. If you want to look at ways in which you’re carrying trauma, with compulsive or addictive patterns you’ve taken on in order to deal with the pain, we can do that. 

I’ll bring my experience from almost 30 years of teaching movement, 40 years of personal practice, and my more recent training with Gabor Maté to use his Compassionate Inquiry approach. We can co-create some steps for you to take going forwards, probably both within your movement practice and within the usual activities of your daily life. 


You will need a place where you will not be interrupted and can talk in private. It may or may not be useful to work with movement during the session. If possible, have your laptop in a place where you can move and I can see you — even if it’s just a very small area that’s OK.

Sessions are online using Zoom. If we agree to work together, you’ll receive a link for an online calendar that you can use to book yourself in, from which you will automatically receive a link for the Zoom session. 

If you’re new to Zoom, you can download the free app here

You may want to have pen and paper to take notes too (don’t use an electronic device), so you can remember any ‘next steps’ we identify during the session.

To begin with, we would have an initial standalone session to see if it would be a good fit to work together, and after that if you want further sessions you can book a series at 60 or 90 minutes, or proceed on a one-by-one basis.

I agree to keep anything you say as confidential unless I am ordered to disclose information by the courts, or I believe you or someone else is in danger. (I may also discuss your work in supervision, but that would not disclose your name.)

You are also welcome to enter into correspondence with me via email on specific questions or issues arising within your practice. Emails will go directly to me. Send a message here to set that up. 

If you have any questions, or would like to try out an initial session, please get in touch using this contact form


Fees are £110/hour, payable with PayPal or Stripe (both of which you can use a credit card if you wish). If you cancel more than 24 hours in advance you’ll be refunded, but after that, the full amount is payable. 

If there are technical difficulties on my end that make it impossible to communicate effectively, we can reschedule the remaining time at no cost to you, or part-refund your fee for that session. If the technical difficulties are your end, the full fee will still be payable. 

If we get into regular email correspondence as well, I will keep a record of the time I spend on this with you for coaching support (not practical matters such as arranging sessions), billed at the same rate at the end of each month.