The book Pathways Home is a complete guide to creating your own movement-based practice at home, whether you’re into ZeroOne, 5Rhythms, Soul Motion, Movement Medicine, Open Floor etc, or even if you’re a total newcomer to dance. 

When I first got into movement as a practice back in the late 1980s, there were no weekly classes anywhere. If you wanted to do more than the occasional weekend workshop, you had to dance at home. Initially with one tape from Gabrielle Roth, then with her book Maps to Ecstasy to guide me, I danced every day, at home, in forests, beaches, mountains. Anywhere I happened to be. 
Over time, I noticed that most of the people who came to my workshops did not do that. Most would come to my events as consumers, paying to get something in the hope of changing their lives for the better. But that’s not how practice works. Whether it’s meditation, music or movement, it takes practice. You have to keep doing it. Otherwise it’s just another consumer product: in one end, out the other, leaving you perhaps maintained, but not transformed. If you want real, stabilised change in your life, you’ll have to practise. 
PathwaysHome is an encouragement, an entreaty, an enticement to value yourself and your life and the contribution you might be here to make, and to use embodiment as your path. 
You’ll find here a distillation of 33 years of my practice, the very best of what I’ve found. Now . . . over to you . . .


Create your own solo movement practice

Pathways Home, the book, opens the door to qualities of practice that you won’t find in a workshop or class. Specifically crafted to your own life-challenges, your practice will be never the same again, whether alone or with others.

Beautiful illustrations and photos throughout from dancers and artists around the world.

Resources to help you navigate potential setbacks, work safely with trauma, and trust your own authority.


Ya’Acov Darling Khan Shaman, Best Selling Author and Co-Founder of Movement Medicine

"Adam’s writings, much like the man himself, are raw, poetic and simultaneously real and practical. I know him as courageous, a man willing to acknowledge his mistakes, a quality that makes his offerings trustworthy and grounded. He and his book offer good medicine for those wanting to engage with the challenges and joys of living in a body on earth in these difficult times that offer us such an opportunity to evolve. His words and his work are a dance in themselves"

Susannah Darling Khan Co- Founder of Movement Medicine

"Adam’s writing clearly emerges from his deeply lived experience and practice. This is generous, sumptuous seriously helpful stuff. Rooted in bone deep experience, in the fires of the heart, honed in decades of practice. If you are a practitioner of movement as a transformative path, no matter what your chosen movement genre is, I’m sure this volume will accompany you in ways that help you integrate the good stuff and take it with you into he heart of your life. The words of this book taste good. In this book Adam is serving up a nourishing feast grown in the garden of his own experience, both as dancer and teacher."

Lori Saltzma Teacher, mover, writer, co-founder of Open Floor Internationa

"Adam and I have bumped into each other on dance floors across the globe for over 30 years. His devotion to movement as an emotional and spiritual path is unwavering. Adam has lived every word of what he shares in this book."

Christian de Sousa Movement Facilitator & Artist

"Adam has more experience and gritty, free-spirited commitment to movement practice than pretty much anyone I know. This book is clear, funky and honest. It will be liquid gold for anyone who wants to discover or deepen how moving our bodies can change our lives in a multitude of real ways, from wild liberation to tender renewal."

David Juriansz Director of Moving Essence

"Adam writes as he teaches, with a simple wisdom that makes complete sense; a balm for over-complicated times. With his fierce no-bullshit honesty, his words are familiar, like a soul-whisper from the Self that says, ‘You’re doing great. Keep going.’ The words on these pages jumped out and grabbed me, called me to action, inspired me to continue to show up for myself, my passions and the beautiful mystery of the big dance. You don’t need to go to the mountains to pray. You can start right here and take the pathway home."

Cathy Ryan MA, Movement Facilitator, BISO Co-Founder and Open Floor Founding Member

Pathways Home is an act of generosity from a seeker of self-truth and connection through conscious movement. Adam’s generosity stems from his honesty, his unique voice in speaking of his many years of experience as dancer, facilitator, father, lover, friend, fighter. His essence translates onto the page full of dynamism, movement and humour – he knows if you’re not doing his explorations 😉 Adam sets up his stall clearly and with a soft, able confidence. The balance of personal experience, exercises and explorations and insights from a life-long practice and commitment to movement itself as the most true guide to self, is fine- tuned and beautifully choreographed. The book is expansive and inclusive of many conscious movement modalities, another act of generosity. It’s an invitation from a passionate heart to dip your toe or submerge totally into the path of movement as practice. This book sparkles.

Alain Allard Founder of Moves Into Consciousness

Pathways Home is replete with detailed suggestions, pointers, encouragement and hard-earned insight into the benefits and potential obstacles to creating, sustaining or advancing personal practice in any movement modality. Adam’s enthusiasm and intelligent attention to detail shine through, making it an inspiring and useful resource for anyone interested in the healing power of movement.

Meredith Davies Dancer, Mother and Director of Moving Essence

For any one hungry for transformation, Adam makes movement practice as accessible as breathing and as important as saving ourselves and the planet. He is the real deal and he reminds us that we are all the real deal. His words dance with the depth of his own discipline, curiosity and down to earth passion.

Christa Cocciole Body Oriented Systemic Therapist, Social Activist and Transformation Midwife

A poignant, poetic and practical collection of reflections and wisdom. His simple and encouraging steps resonated in me so much that I needed to put down the book every so often to get up and move!

Bettina Rothe Embodied Leadership Coach, 5Rhythms Movement Facilitator

Adam’s wealth of experience and his fierce courage to share personal stories will inspire you to move forward on your own path of evolution.

Vincent Martinez-Grieco Designer of Soul Motion, and of Next Steps

Brimming with care and confidence. Adam gives you straight-up clear statements, directives, and knowledge about his life long practice: dancing. Read this and then burn it.

Amber Ryan Co-Founder of The 360 Emergence

An inspired guide to assist the novice and experienced movement practitioner create a robust and meaningful home practice. With rich story telling and helpful shortcuts, Pathways Home will deepen your connection to the dancing path.

Kate Shela Co-Founder of The 360 Emergence

Adam Barley’s book offers us a detailed day to day skill set to begin the primary function of being alive: Embodied living as the key to being here. For the beginner or the advanced practitioner it is a signpost for the road home to the body, our one true address.

Mark Walsh Director of Embodiment Unlimited, author of Embodiment - Moving Beyond Mindfulness

Adam is a deeply soulful, thoughtful and poetic teacher that I have known for years and trust deeply. This book will give you a glimpse inside his big heart.

Amara Pagano Founder of Azul movement practice

I highly recommend this practical gem for anyone curious about movement as a practice. The discipline and dedication that Adam shares comes straight from his own experience and will open doors of what is possible for you.

Deborah Jay-Lewin Founding Member of Open Floor International

Adam is a scavenger and investigator, a relentless lover of spelling it out and breaking it down in accessible enticing ways. This book is an invitation to try it on and give it a go because, with the state of our planet, why wouldn’t you?

Davida Taurek Psychotherapist, 5Rhythms Facilitator, Mindfulness Coach

Adam speaks from a wealth of embodied experience, and his passionate wisdom dances throughout the pages with a pristine sense of clarity. This book will enliven your creativity and spark joy in your everyday step. Enjoy the dance!

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Pathways Home

Paperback edition

Pathways Home will give you the foundations needed to make movement your go-to personal resource. You will also learn how to go beyond that, and turn your practice into a resource for the world around you too; so needed in troubled times.

Beautifully printed in a wide format that will lie open easily so you can follow practices as you wish.

Will be printed in your area and shipped to you ‘on demand’. 

Pathways Home

E-book edition

Pathways Home will give you the foundations needed to make movement your go-to personal resource. You will also learn how to go beyond that, and turn your practice into a resource for the world around you too; so needed in troubled times.

E-book edition – perfect for your digital library on the go!



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