The time is NOW

The unfolding and evolving presence of humankind needs all of us — needs YOU — to be fully truly deeply yourself and contribute the wild and mysterious gifts you carry within you. 

The time is now

and the way through is HERE

and ‘here’ is your BODY

ZeroOne movement practice explores the entire psyche: body, heart, mind and soul — all in relationship to Spirit.

Enter into the Zero point below to see the interconnections, patterns, and openings.

Four evolving stages of Becoming, which circle around the stillpoint of Being.

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This circle and centrepoint, these aspects of being human
Are all alive when we dance
Zero . . . One
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SOUL: Power of Manifesting
BODY: Power of Moving
HEART: Power of Feeling
MIND: Power of Knowing
SPIRIT: Power of Presence
These are strange times, calling for change that goes deeper than we are yet capable of. A change in collective consciousness that we may have barely glimpsed. 
We don’t need to know where we’re going though — we’re being asked to be here
Just here. Right now. This. 
To be in the present moment without needing to know what to do or what’s next. Just to be

This is medicine for a machine-like culture that is crying out for humanity. Let’s get down off the tower of Babel that we’ve built, and have our feet on the ground, able to be part of the world again. 

ZeroOne — an evolving mystery school wherein we can practise the art of unknowing and the art of being, through embodiment and enquiry. A place to enter into a state of wonder and awe through movement and dance, encountering other humans who are willing to undertake a journey with no destination, where the path is all there is. 


Alois First time participant

“It was like a walk through hell. . . terrible feelings came. . . then it was like the door to paradise opened. . . so much love, so much connection. . . not only a feeling. . . I was this all!”

Simona Prague

"I would like to thank you again for the extraordinary transformational weekend . . . You were gentle and respectful, yet very firm in your intentions. Amazing!"

Mark Metz Founder of Conscious Dancer Magazine

"Adam has a stellar reputation for his enthusiasm and professional demeanor, and is one of the most sought after facilitators in the global conscious movement circuits. An elite leader in the field and a recognized pioneer."

Peter Roepstorff Psychiatric nurse, Copenhagen

"I have been doing dance practice every day since the workshop. Yesterday I went to my psychiatrist; I do not fulfil the criteria for severe ptsd anymore. Dancing is a journey towards recovery.”

Jérôme Customer Service Trainer

"I have come back home, and I realize how deeply I was touched by this workshop. Being allowed to explore more freely than ever before some of my disowned parts has truly moved something within me. A very honest and intimate experience.”

Maggie Wallis Artist

"I find Adam’s leading inspiring and his vulnerability, (only lightly veiled by his passion for what he does) a great example."

Ben Clayton-Jolly Leadership Trainer

"This is really something. Movement practice meets Non-Duality."

Jeanette Tax officer

"I felt a force which came through my vulnerability, which brought a soft kind of love, and gratefulness."

Thomas Germany

"I've learned to fight for my life, to dance like a derwish, and that I can't make anybody love me!"

Isidora Violinist, teacher, explorer

"I am more conscious and in contact with my breath and body, with a deeper understanding of stillness."

Bernie Administrator

"In daily life, I saw a transformation, much more at ease in contact with others."

Axel Civil Engineer and climber

"I thought I´d say something like you save my life... but actually you don´t save my life. I am not in danger of dying. You just make my life so much more full of joy every f***ing minute (when I am conscious) with these opportunities you give! It makes this huge, really huge difference."

Caroline Yoga Teacher

"This field you created gives me the trust that there is some real change in human consciousness arising. I feel a true strength inside."

Alexandra Osteopath

"Thank you for the work you are doing. What I have learnt from you helped me through some very difficult times."

Marie Media Manager National Opera House, Paris

"A very intense and wonderful practice…"

Ananda Production assistant at the Conscious Dance Conference

"I have a whole new range of tools, insights and clarified landscapes. Something really worked."

Emilia Cyprus

"Thank you for a beautiful brilliant superb so helpful workshop."

Kate Monro Author

"Holy moly! Adam, thank you for a shatteringly brilliant in the best of ways workshop last weekend. I just had a great time."

Sebastian Embodied Facilitator Course

"The practice was deeply releasing for me."

Nicola Holmes Coach and Facilitator, Toronto

"Adam is a gem: a highly experienced guide and a visionary source of wisdom, possessing authenticity, humility, and humour that radiate through his work."

Enikő Single mother of two lovely kids

"I learned to have the courage to feel."

Martina Physiotherapist

"I feel good, grounded, no panic. Less dissociated.
Peter Levine and you are big gifts from heaven in dealing with PTSD."

Aga Lesny Experience Designer

"I have greatly expanded my range of movements and their combination, and regained my internal connection."

A new dancer Belgium

"There was the possibility to break free and be who you’re meant to be. And that is fantastic."

Ivana Addiction Recovery Therapist

“It’s amazing how you led us to deep connections with our own bodies and emotions. Your attitude, humour, sensitivity, humanity, wisdom — all this is very inspiring but not only for me. The feedback from the seminar participants was wonderful and touching. I think I finally dared to take the path I love.”

Isabel University professor in communications

"This was amazing. It showed me something I hadn't seen in more than 10 years of different psychotherapies, and it came clearly. Simple."

Angela Textile Designer

"I have really appreciated the freedom of dance in ZeroOne. There is a fine thread, a fine infused framework that is so subtle. There is this creative circle soaked in spirituality, it is gentle yet deep, strong yet subtle."

Justin Mazzotta Social Change Agent

"I have had a lot of trouble in my life belonging to anything, usually feeling alienated and lonely and weird or freak like. For the first time in my life I felt I wholly belonged to a community and it felt wonderful. I felt so passionately that these were my people and I would do anything for them including killing to protect them. Much like the feeling I have for my kids. It hurt so much to say goodbye but it is so good to feel alive at the same time. So for me that says an enormous amount about the power of your work. I thank you for helping me so much."

ZeroOne is an on-going exploration of the interplay between form and mystery. An embodiment of paradox. 
That is to say:
It is in the nature of the One creation to evolve. Everything within the infinitely complex, intimately interwoven matrix that is this living universe evolves, and that process of evolution or change has a pattern formed of four stages, which revolves around the formless presence that is Zero.
Or we might say: this One cyclic pattern of change arises out of and falls back into Zero.
Or we might say: we are a constantly evolving One, which is inspired and informed by the formlessness of Zero, that we also, paradoxically, are.
Better still, we might let go of trying to say anything much about it at all, and DANCE.

Because it all is a dance. Everything. 

ZeroOne is that dance. 

But moving our bodies is not the only dance us humans do. We also talk to each other, and learning to speak like we dance is an intimate part of the ZeroOne practice. We practice allowing words to come through the mind from the heart whilst we stay rooted in the body. That is a dance. And if we can learn it well, we might bring something of the wild and true spirit of our movement practice into the world beyond the dance floor. And that is sorely needed right now.

It is not enough to dance for ourselves: that aliveness and authenticity is needed in the world. We have to find what it is we’re here on earth to do, and breathe in the courage to move in that direction.

Now is the time. 

ZeroOne is a catalyst for that dance, that vision, and that courage.

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The Story

You don’t need to know this story in order to dive in and use ZeroOne as a practice, and you certainly don’t need to understand the exquisite mathematical pattern that is its ‘operating system’, but in case you’re curious, here’s what I struggled with, and what came through despite my limitations. 
My first step into movement as a practice was Osho’s ‘Dynamic Meditation’, but it was Gabrielle Roth’s work, the 5Rhythms, that grabbed me by both feet a few years later. Gabrielle was a major life-teacher for me. I was profoundly in love, and in awe, and utterly committed to her work. I never thought I’d leave. 
Then in 2016, I caught a glimpse of the process of change, growth, and evolution in the most unlikely of places — a remarkable mathematical equation.
That glimpse persuaded me to explore these numbers through movement, which to my astonishment opened a doorway of perception through which I saw the relationship between form and formlessness, movement and stillness, Body and Spirit: One and Zero.
Some friends did suggest that I create a movement practice from that awakening, but I couldn’t countenance deserting the land I’d lived and loved for three decades. 
However, there were some ways in which I was beginning to feel constricted within the 5R field. Even more concerning, I was learning about trauma and seeing that the way I had been facilitating movement was not necessarily helpful. There were ways in which I was overriding my own early developmental trauma in my practice, and my teaching needed some updates to be in alignment with the latest understanding of how our nervous system functions. 
A few months later, I found myself as a participant in a workshop with a friend and colleague, Marc Silvestre. He asked us to imagine we’re trapped in a box one-metre square, and embody that experience. Duly, I scrunched up, contorted, like a plant growing in a bottle, breathing heavily and incredibly tense. After a minute or two of this, Marc called to us, ‘BREAK OUT!!!’, and I burst out of my bubble, rampaging around the room in the most energetic dance I’d done for years. 
‘What was that about?’ I wondered to myself, having no idea at all. But the next day, on my way home, as I stepped off a train I suddenly felt it in my heart: I’d left the 5Rhythms. My body had taken the decision for me, or rather in spite of me. I’d stepped out, and now had to create something from what I had seen in those numbers. 
I gathered some trusted friends to help ground the decision in practical action, and began to formulate something that other people could use: ZeroOne was born. 
What I hadn’t anticipated was the shadow realms within myself that would come up in reaction to this movement of stepping out from the safety of the 5R world. I hadn’t realised that a vital part of me had been hiding behind Gabrielle’s reputation, and once I was out on my own, something deep inside me broke open. The levels of fear, shame, self-doubt, and merciless self-criticism I experienced were extreme. I had to lean into every resource I’d ever had, and then some. My personal at-home movement practice had to change radically, partly to get to know ZeroOne, but also because of the unprecedented depth of vulnerability I was experiencing. I am incredibly grateful to those friends who stayed alongside, to several brilliant therapists, supervisors and mentors, and most of all to my beloved Maria-Carin, without whom none of this would have been possible. 
It’s been very slow progress, growing through this shaky time. Years. But I’m glad to be on this stage of my journey now, and glad to be holding this little evolving mystery called ZeroOne. I believe it has something of worth in these strange times we are living through. 
ZeroOne is still in early-growth stage, but there’s much you can participate in — entry-level weekends, longer retreats, or if you’re ready to take a big plunge, an apprenticeship. I’m beginning to see how I can pass on what I know, and invite others to train with me to offer something to the world. I hope I have learnt enough from my mistakes, and those of others, to have something that is of genuine value. May it be so.