Awake and Alive!

Finding wellness in times of trouble

Doesn’t it feel good to be wide awake, and alive all over? Body moving freely, heart feeling passionately, mind opening truly? In these moments, we are Soul.

Soul is not an abstract ‘thing’ but the experience of being a fully integrated human with real presence. A creative force, embodied. In these moments we are beautiful, powerful, capable of extraordinary leaps of faith, moving on instinct to be in the right place at the right time, relating to others in ways that benefit everyone.

Dance is a fast-track route to this state of being because your body never forgot it. Allow your body to do its dance, and your true nature will emerge soon enough.

Not that it’s always easy — you may well have to navigate through the parts of you that want to stay half asleep, committed to not being fully alive. But fundamentally, we are wired for well-being, within ourselves and with each other.

This workshop will give you skills you can go on to practice at home, with the opportunity to breathe in deep, open your eyes wide, and make a move. Not just for yourself but for the world around you, so your inner practice enables you to be more deeply of service, giving what you have in the way you are called.

“My dance is totally transformed. Now I will see about my life; this was fantastic.”


Mar 22 - 24 2024


All Day

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Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw, Poland


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