The subtle, unpredictable and endlessly fascinating art of relating in community


“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”
― John Lennon

A weekend dance workshop, including voice, games and more to explore and develop our capacity for relating to each other. We will aim for ‘serious fun’, to learn playfully and challenge ourselves at the edge of what we think is possible.

Like mycelial networks, a community grows through multiple repeated interconnections and interactions. It’s a weaving process, and that’s a complex, many-layered skill. Let’s use our collective intelligence to shine light onto blindspots and encourage strengths we ourselves can’t see.

What are you longing for?
How do you get in your own way?
Where is your next step?

You will need some experience in a dance or movement practice, and whilst you will be free to go at your own pace, you will need to be up for some strong feelings at times.


Maria-Carin and Adam have been learning how to live and love together for 7 years, and offer this workshop from their shared experience on and off the dance floor.


Mar 16 - 17 2024


All Day


Trinity Room, Stroud


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