What if being creative involved not another doing to get busy with or attached to, but more like opening to something, being moved by something, allowing a creative force to take us, and make something of us?

What if we could take our personal dramas, and turn our experience into art — to move through challenges rather than attempting to think our way to freedom?

What if we could ask: even though the world is going crazy, isn’t dancing a radical and revolutionary way to take part?

What if we could surrender to the moment with other humans, on a dance floor, and meet heart to heart, making that our creative practice, with the faith that something below the surface changes in a good way when we dance?

Let’s move, breathe, and pay attention.

Let’s allow life to create us, anew, again, now.

Let’s dance.



Photo: Luna Buerger


Apr 05 - 07 2024


All Day


Sintra (Portugal)


Release - Embodied Arts Portugal