There’s no denying that we’re in trouble, and that it’s easy to collapse into anxious thinking. But there is another way: to create.

We’re not advocating another slick solution though, or a way to summon up the energy to conquer anything. We’re falling, tumbling into a collective chaos that is only going to go deeper in the foreseeable future. But what if we could practise dance as a way to fall more skilfully?

What if we could ask Even though the world is going crazy, isn’t dancing a beautiful way to take part?

What if we could surrender to the moment together, on a dance floor, and meet heart to heart?

What if we could take our little personal dramas, and create something for everyone by turning our experience into art?

What if being creative involved not doing something so much as opening to something, being moved by something, allowing a creative force to take us and make something of us?

Move, breathe, and pay attention. Let’s dance. Let’s allow life to create us, anew, again, now.


Oct 07 - 08 2023


All Day




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