Deep Focus

A unique process designed to take your practice and life challenges to the next level. 


If you’ve been involved in a movement practice for a while, then this may be for you: a format designed to radically open up your ability to work creatively and effectively with your specific personal material.

It’s easy in a conventional dance workshop setting to get into an altered state, feel like you’ve gone through something, and then go back home to find that high evaporating quite quickly. Deep Focus is a different approach.

You’ll get the chance to work individually several times, with Adam’s guidance. You might have people from the group supporting your session, or you may be completely solo, just witnessed by the group. Each session is completely unique, arising out of the moment. Your process might focus on physical presence or emotional release. You might work on family issues or life-goals and realising dreams.

The combination of that level of exposure together with the depth of compassion and support that grows through the Deep Focus process is powerful. It’s not a magic pill — it’s hard work — but it can be life-changing if you follow through with integration practices.

This Deep Focus will be a 5-day residential workshop near Lisbon in Portugal, in a beautiful refreshing rural centre with a natural pool.

“This is advanced level work: if you already have some experience with a movement practice, including the ability to embody and express your feelings through movement, if you’re now seeking to create a more personal and particular relationship between your own unique path and practice then you are welcome to jump in. Write to me if you have any questions.” Adam

“Deep Focus helps me to accept and navigate unusual states. Being witnessed by the whole group and supported by Adam’s intuitive, sensitive and powerful guidance is a unique opportunity. I can’t compare it to any other workshops.” — Kata Máthé, Graphic artist


Sep 14 - 18 2023

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