Deep, Wild & True

Our true nature, deep down, is wild. We are made from the same untamed earth as every other living thing on this beautiful planet.
Maybe we just forgot for a while — pretending that we’re civilised, and then pretending that we’re not pretending…
But the body doesn’t lie, and movement helps us to re-member.
Remember to trust the simplicity of footsteps and breath. To rediscover the quiet and subtle wisdom of body, opening into the depths of yourself, where you have the resources to navigate change, heal old wounds and give something of value to the world.
There is nothing more vital than your own state of consciousness, rooted in your physicality:—expand—deepen—Awake!

ZeroOne is a movement-based meditation practice, grounding and catalysing personal and collective evolution through the body and creative action. For more information see


Nov 17 - 19 2023


All Day




Tina and Lena
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