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Journey to the Self | Transformational Retreat

Do You Want To Reconnect to Your Core And Rejuvenate Your Life-Force?

ENRICH Retreat® gathers a group of like-minded people in a paradise location to reconnect and rejuvenate the most important areas of their lives — body, mind and soul.
Organised by a team of experts in psychology, coaching and wellbeing; who will be there to guide you towards building and maintaining love-rich life.

The Goal:

Help people create enriching life through beautiful, transformative experiences
Bringing together world-class experts & facilitators to enhance all areas of your life, ENRICH Retreat® aims to create a global space and community to foster healthier relationships that will raise the human consciousness through neuropsychology, systemic leadership, and effective alignment of mind, heart, body and soul.

From intensive workshops to eye-opening sessions and unforgettable adventures, the ENRICH Retreat® program is carefully designed to detoxify, explore and align your mind, body, heart and soul.

ENRICH Retreat® is the result of a collaboration between a group of holistic coaches, teachers, and healers who believe that energy-rich life is the key to achieving success and fulfilment, which will also ultimately facilitate greater empathy, symmetry and positive progress in a society.
A series of unique luxury retreats for high-performing individuals and couples who want to evolve further through thriving relationships.
Through its retreats and gatherings, ENRICH Retreat® strives to create a global community of awakened individuals who want to explore and nourish themselves and the lives they touch through holistic modalities — such as neuropsychology, systematic leadership and self-mastery…. to align the mind, body and soul.
Also, part of the proceeds will go to help create more love-rich and blame-free families and charity work with orphanages in Siberia and Nepal.

Our Mission

We want to help create more love-rich and blame-free families and individuals as a way to raise the consciousness of the planet.
Our goal is to facilitate self-change, self-expansion, and self-expression as a way to empower love, trust, intimacy, confidence and empathy through systemic re-patterning to better enable tribe members to reach their maximum potential.
We believe that relationships — romantic, platonic, professional, and with the self — is the single most important factor of success, fulfilment, happiness and growth in humanity, and how we live, connect, communicate and contribute.

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May 01 - 07 2023


Daios, Crete
Daios, Crete


Enrich Retreat
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