Fierce Loving

The art of creative conflict

Loving is fierce! At least sometimes. To truly love, we have to be up for being passionate, disturbing the peace and giving our wild-hearted nature some breathing space.

We need harmonious connection with others, but we also have the need for authenticity, and because we are all different, we have to deal with conflict.

It takes a certain fierceness of the heart to stand your ground, disagree with others, defend innocence, and make a difference in the world. To be fiercely loving is to wield the emotional energy often called ‘anger’ in a skilful way, in service to life and love. To do that requires us to clear the baggage of the past, so we’re not carrying around childhood rage, just waiting to fire it at anyone who touches our trigger points.

This is steady, long-term work. It takes practice, compassion, patience, courage and persistence. Fierce Loving is a movement-based ZeroOne journey that empowers the process.

You will learn how to:

  • embody, express and release emotional energy

  • take wholehearted responsibility for your anger

  • let go of baggage from the past

  • access the four essential gifts of fierce loving

  • engage in conflict as a creative, life-affirming practice that benefits everybody

To attend, you must be willing to dance deep, see the truth, and go beyond what you know. You’ll need some previous experience with movement as a practice. We also recommend you have some resources in your life to integrate deep feelings, such as a regular movement practice or embodied therapeutic work. Please ask if you’re unsure.

“It was definitely fierce and most certainly loving . . . potent fire . . . love it!”

“totally changed my dance” 

“I have more clarity and energy”

“It was fun, it was sexy, safe and exciting”


Nov 10 - 12 2023

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Luna Bürger
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