Freedom-Rhythm-Time: TaKeTiNa meets ZeroOne

Led by Tania Bosak and Adam, together with Manu Lurquin and Baptiste Vaes

Two complementary practices, one anchored in embodied structured rhythms, and the other in the spontaneity of movement improvisation, share a common foundation in the profound art of presence. Combined, they serve as a potent catalyst, inviting participants to delve deep into the intricacies of their learning process, unravel the impediments to personal and creative evolution, and open a pathway to heightened states of inspiration and creativity.

For those of you new to TaKeTiNa, it’s an active rhythm meditation, where the body becomes the instrument, and guided rhythm journeys invite states of timelessness and deep rhythmic flow, creating an exhilarating inner silence as well as a wellspring of musical creativity.

Note from Adam: “This will be the third time Tania and I are co-creating magic together, and I can’t wait. She is sparkly, strong, and brilliant at what she does, and the combination of weaving these polyrhythms together with ZeroOne practice works incredibly well.”

Tania Bosak (Australia) has worked for more than 35 years as an actor, percussionist/vocalist, producer, and theatre director. For more than 3 decades she has specialised in teaching rhythm and performance training workshops to actors, dancers and musicians. Her passion lies in guiding artists to explore their creative boundaries, realize their full potential, and expand their creative horizons through the exploration of altered states.
Tania is one of 3 Master TaKeTiNa® teachers worldwide, alongside the practice’s founder, Reinhard Flatischler, and she brings more than 26 years of teaching experience in this field. In addition to her mastery of TaKeTiNa®, she holds qualifications in Performing Arts, Contemporary Dance, and Generative Trance Counselling, enriching her multifaceted approach to teaching and artistic exploration.


May 08 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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