ZeroOne movement practice workshop with Adam Barley

YES! — we are wild creatures deep down — with an instinct for survival, but more than that — for connection, co-operation and creative expression. We have an instinctive love of beauty, and an aversion to bullshit; a longing for home and a zest for adventure.
All of this is rooted in the body, and our pathway is to turn our attention there, down into the mysterious wisdom bestowed upon us from billions of years of evolution, using yet another instinct we are born with: DANCE!

In this workshop, you will learn how to:
Access your body’s wisdom, to help you with decisions
Move your way through relationship issues
Trust that ‘mistakes’ are actually new ways to grow
This leaves our minds free to LEARN, and our hearts free to LOVE



Jun 02 - 04 2023

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Kata Mathe
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