The Way of the Pilgrim

“There is no way to happiness – happiness is the Way” Buddha

We put one foot in front of other and take a step.
Within the incredibly rich diversity of experience that happens on a dance floor, there’s really only one thing going on. An essence of alive, loving, consciously creative energy that just IS.
Around that, we move, breathe, and give attention, in the company of fellow travellers who help us feel deeper and see further.
We are dancers, lovers, pilgrims on the way of life.
Let’s go
Just here
We are

“When the world around us is going crazy, it’s easy to reach for ‘More control!’ But perhaps this time is asking for presence more than solutions. Maybe attending to our consciousness, in the company of other dancing pilgrims, is exactly what’s needed. May it be so. See you on the floor.” Adam


May 31 2024 - Jun 02 2024


All Day


Graz, Austria
Graz, Austria


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