Dancing in times of trouble

The time is Now: we’re in breakdown and breakthrough

Could we surrender to the reality that the world is far bigger than us?
That life is far stronger than us? 
That we’re all in this together?
That in our desperate scramble for solutions and yet more control,
the truth is we don’t know how to get through this?

So could we practise surrender?

A weekend to enter into surrender as a movement practice, exploring how we can let go of our attachment to control, and being ‘right’. 

Using simple embodiment tools that you can use at home, you will learn to:

Move from fear to trust
Let life take you beyond what you know
Sense your calling in the world, and find the courage to take the next step

“Make something of me, Wild World and Vast Mystery, make something of me!”

Click here to read Adam’s blog post on the theme of Surrender, or click here to see YouTube vid on this workshop. 


Sep 09 - 10 2023


Trinity Room, Stroud


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