The Power of Intention

As we fall together into this time of trouble and transformation, what is your contribution to the collective?

This will be a highly focussed movement-based workshop designed to bring dreams to earth and empower choices ahead that impact yourself and your people in service to our world.

what’s going well?

what’s hurting?

where’s the growth?

what do you . . . fear?. . . desire?. . . intend?

Movement is incredibly effective for plugging us into the real thing, unearthing what we didn’t know we had, releasing what we no longer need.

ZeroOne in practice: to embody presence, listen deeply and speak the truth. Drop down below our head-trips and align power with intention to make some things happen.

Let’s take the time to listen in to the depth of our dreaming, get clear about what we long for, and give everything to the wild moment of power: NOW.

Note from Adam: “You will get much more out of this event if you book well in advance. From the moment you book your place, your psyche begins it’s journey in a way that does not happen if you’re just telling yourself ‘I will do it soon…’ Because we’re working with dreams and intention here this will make a difference. Action has power. Pick up the phone or send an email and start your journey now!”


Jan 07 2024

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