The Tao of Loving




We all feel a lot, deep down. And we are born with the instinct for full-body expression of those feelings, whether painful or pleasurable. Humans are hard-wired to let our feelings show through our physicality: we naturally light up in joy, sag downwards in sorrow, thrust forwards in anger and retreat backwards in fear.

These feeling-states are vibrant energies which can be inspiring catalysts for movement and dance. Even the ‘negative’ feelings become fascinating, luminous experiences once we begin to move with them, all with a raw, spontaneous, creative potential that is both archetypal and deeply personal.

They are all, in fact, forms of loving, and become so when we dance with them. Fear becomes Dynamic Loving, to awaken and mobilise. Anger becomes Fierce Loving, to stand up for justice and healthy boundaries. Sorrow becomes Surrendered Loving, washing us clean of past attachments and pain. Joy becomes Radiant Loving, a clear generous light that is a gift to the world wherever we shine.

The Tao of Loving is a 5-day journey to study the dance of these emotional energies as a practice — skills we can get better at — creating a stronger and stronger field of Open Loving, willing to feel everything and connect with each other authentically, moving freely through the wild mix of vulnerability and power that loving truly is.

Trigger warning: this course has the potential to bring up deeply buried feelings and memories. It is not therapy, but uses the art of movement in ways that can be profoundly healing, yet challenging at times. You take part with the understanding that you are responsible for your physical and psychological well-being both during and after the course. It may be helpful to have some support to integrate your experience in the form of individual work with a therapist, coach, or bodyworker, etc.


Oct 16 - 20 2023


9:30 am - 1:00 pm

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TicTac Arts Centre
Brussels, Belgium
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