Embodied leadership and team development for radical times

We’re over the edge and falling — or perhaps like a cartoon character in that moment just before the fall, suspended in mid-air, frantically pedalling . . .

If your organisation is looking for ways to turn towards the truth of our times, this may be for you.


If you are:

MovingNow sessions are NOT another false-hope, squeeze-a-little-more-out-of-your-people organisational development package.

They ARE an opportunity to approach the current challenges in ways that resource your people towards wellness in a time of crisis. This will include opportunities to face difficulties as they show up in the organisational environment, to address conflict and stressors as gateways to new creative possibilities and deeper flow-states.

With dynamic, grounded practices in movement and sub-verbal communication, integrated with structured ways of accessing intuition and speaking the truth, we engage four levels of intelligence:


Albert Zandvoort Ashridge Business School

Thank you very much for the wonderful work you did at the conference. We had great feedback.

Rachel Power Financial Assistant at Lambridge Finance

Adam facilitates the most deep and unexpected journeys of transformation ...Just so freeing, yet grounding and highly recommend this practice. An essential tool for those who dare.

Richard Epworth Technology Strategy Manager and Principal Research Scientist, Nortel Networks

Your work has taught me to be credible when I communicate, and enabled me to successfully influence those around me. I have lost my fear of being emotionally visible and gained the courage to reveal my integrity and passion in the work place.

Alex Grayson Managing Director, The Omni Group

Working with the body cut through my inauthenticities and moved me into a more direct and effective relationship with myself, my colleagues, stakeholders and tasks.

Shola Alowesi Save the Children

Thanks so much for facilitating a great session that was uplifting and invigorating. The team were buzzing all through the next day.

Michael Renecle Managing Director, Excled Ltd.

I gained a much greater bandwidth and clarity in the decision making processes of running the business.

Duane Nikols Senior Technical Evangelist, Adobe Systems, Inc.

In movement I become aware of my real self, time itself is suspended and I find the ‘me’ becomes ‘we’.

Clare Dakin UK Coordinator PGH India

Learning how to be totally present in my body has given me new confidence, clearer boundaries, increased focus and greater capacity for follow through.

Jules Palmer Software Analyst/Programmer, Budget Pack Ltd

Having worked as a software developer for over 20 years I realise how important it is to break out and stretch both mind and body. For me, there is nothing to equal movement as a practice. It has helped me to relax, gain new perspectives, stay fit and loosen up those 'stuck' behaviours and thought patterns. I can't recommend Adam highly enough. He is a leader in his field and is a naturally supportive, guiding and inspirational teacher.

Embodied learning enables your teams and leaders to access resources already present as well as finding new ones, developing radical and co-creative responses to the times we're living in.

MovingNow is available at three levels:


A one-hour session designed to focus all four levels of intelligence upon one current challenge


A three-hour program designed to tackle specific issues in depth, breaking through to new ways of seeing


A full-day immersion through flow states and radical honesty, accessing the strength and vision to co-create transformative practices for your organisation

“Under duress we do not rise to our highest expectations, we fall back to what we have practiced most.”

- Bruce Lee